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Bramley AlabasterBramley Alabaster Bramley CarbonBramley Carbon Bramley CashmereBramley Cashmere Bramley Cobham BlueBramley Cobham Blue Bramley Cornflower BlueBramley Cornflower Blue Bramley DakarBramley Dakar Bramley Dove GreyBramley Dove Grey Bramley Heritage GreenBramley Heritage Green Bramley Heron GreyBramley Heron Grey Bramley MusselBramley Mussel Bramley Reed GreenBramley Reed Green Bramley SageBramley Sage Bramley WhiteBramley White Clayton AlabasterClayton Alabaster Clayton CarbonClayton Carbon Clayton CashmereClayton Cashmere Clayton Cobham BlueClayton Cobham Blue Clayton Cornflower BlueClayton Cornflower Blue Clayton DakarClayton Dakar Clayton Dove GreyClayton Dove Grey Clayton Heritage GreenClayton Heritage Green Clayton Heron GreyClayton Heron Grey Clayton MusselClayton Mussel Clayton Reed GreenClayton Reed Green Clayton SageClayton Sage Clayton WhiteClayton White Dalby AlabasterDalby Alabaster Dalby CarbonDalby Carbon Dalby Dove GreyDalby Dove Grey Dalby Heron GreyDalby Heron Grey Dalby Knightsbridge BlueDalby Knightsbridge Blue Dalby WhiteDalby White Linton CarbonLinton Carbon Linton Dove GreyLinton Dove Grey Linton Heron GreyLinton Heron Grey Linton Knightsbridge BlueLinton Knightsbridge Blue Linton WhiteLinton White Linwood AlabasterLinwood Alabaster Linwood CarbonLinwood Carbon Linwood CashmereLinwood Cashmere Linwood Cobham BlueLinwood Cobham Blue Linwood Cornflower BlueLinwood Cornflower Blue Linwood DakarLinwood Dakar Linwood Dove GreyLinwood Dove Grey Linwood Heritage GreenLinwood Heritage Green Linwood Heron GreyLinwood Heron Grey Linwood MusselLinwood Mussel Linwood OakLinwood Oak Linwood Reed GreenLinwood Reed Green Linwood SageLinwood Sage Linwood WhiteLinwood White Malton AlabasterMalton Alabaster Malton CarbonMalton Carbon Malton CashmereMalton Cashmere Malton Cobham BlueMalton Cobham Blue Malton Cornflower BlueMalton Cornflower Blue Malton DakarMalton Dakar Malton Dove GreyMalton Dove Grey Malton Heritage GreenMalton Heritage Green Malton Heron GreyMalton Heron Grey Malton MusselMalton Mussel Malton Reed GreenMalton Reed Green Malton SageMalton Sage Malton WhiteMalton White Norton AlabasterNorton Alabaster Norton CarbonNorton Carbon Norton CashmereNorton Cashmere Norton Cobham BlueNorton Cobham Blue Norton Cornflower BlueNorton Cornflower Blue Norton DakarNorton Dakar Norton Dove GreyNorton Dove Grey Norton Heritage GreenNorton Heritage Green Norton Heron GreyNorton Heron Grey Norton MusselNorton Mussel Norton OakNorton Oak Norton Reed GreenNorton Reed Green Norton SageNorton Sage Norton WhiteNorton White Stanbury AlabasterStanbury Alabaster Stanbury CarbonStanbury Carbon Stanbury CashmereStanbury Cashmere Stanbury Cobham BlueStanbury Cobham Blue Stanbury Cornflower BlueStanbury Cornflower Blue Stanbury DakarStanbury Dakar Stanbury Dove GreyStanbury Dove Grey Stanbury Heritage GreenStanbury Heritage Green Stanbury Heron GreyStanbury Heron Grey Stanbury MusselStanbury Mussel Stanbury Reed GreenStanbury Reed Green Stanbury SageStanbury Sage Stanbury WhiteStanbury White

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The pricing below is for the kitchen style and shape chosen. Not all of these choices will be reflected in the image shown.

Style choices
Kitchen style
Kitchen type
FD5 x 3
500mm Highline Base
1000mm Double Highline Sink Base
1000mm Highline Corner Base
1000mm Pan Drawer
600mm Built In Oven Housing (720 High)
MW5 x 2
500mm Single Wall (720 High)
600mm Single Wall (720 High)