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With an industry-leading choice of over 900 made-to-order units, your next kitchen is only limited by your imagination. Every unit comes supplied fully-rigid, and can be fitted with soft-close hinges and ultra smooth runners.

Drawer options

Your new kitchen should look just as good on the inside as it does on the outside. Below is a small selection of the functional and decorative accessories available to compliment your DIY Kitchen.

Wirework storage solutions

Your new kitchen should look just as good on the inside as it does on the outside. Not only that, it should also provide useful storage space for everyday essentials - from utensils, cookware and china, to food and household items. Everything in its place and within easy reach - just as it should be.

At DIY Kitchens we use Clever Storage by Kessebohmer. They are experts at maximising potential storage space in your kitchen. Their range of products ensures that the internal cabinet space of your kitchen furniture is utilised more effectively than in some storage systems. Kessebohmer products are manufactured to exacting standards and have won many European awards for design and innovation. In specifying Kessebohmer products you can be confident your kitchen storage solutions will provide a lifetime of trouble-free service.

Colour Match

The cabinet colour match is gives a much better effect when opening the cabinet doors on the interior but can also save on the cost of end panels where a exposed side of the cabinet is visible.

Hover over each door below to find out the best choices you should make with your chosen door style on how good our colour matches are. This will hopefully assist in the decision making process on whether you require end panels, and if we feel you do require panels which section/material panels they need to be ordered in. There is also information that will hopefully help with the choice of plinths/cornice/pelmet.

Our aim is to give you the customer the neccesary information so that in certain door styles you can make huge savings.