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Home » Laminate Worktops »Edge Profiles

Home » Laminate Worktops »Edge Profiles

Choose edge profile

Square edged laminate worktops are a bespoke made to order product, You cannot cancel an
order for these once you process and place your order with us. Also due to the difference in
edge profile between Quadra profile & Square edged we recommend NOT combining both.

Quadra edge profile

From £75.47 ex VAT
From £90.56 inc VAT

This style of shaped laminate edging allows you to have standard straight lengths of worktop in your kitchen.


Lower price.


Curved shapes not available.

Downturns not available.


Square edge profile

From £151.20 ex VAT
From £181.44 inc VAT

This style allows you to have the internal, end and s-shape curved worktops, more usually associated with solid wood or granite, in your kitchen.


Curved shape options for more flexibility.

Downturns available to finish the look.


Higher price.