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Innova Inframe Bespoke Painted Kitchens

A classically created in-frame kitchen is instantly recognisable by its design. The appearance of a door enveloped by a frame instantly conjures images of traditional time-served craftsmanship. Manufactured using natural materials and finished in lacquer or paint, our in-frame kitchen ranges feature square framed doors with classic inset flat centre panels or more traditional detailed raised centre panels. An in-frame kitchen is both a practical and stylish option for the more discerning customer. Click to find out what makes DIY Kitchens' Inframe kitchens so good?

What makes DIY Kitchens' Inframe kitchens so good?
  • Fully Rigid Glue & Dowel Inframe Kitchen Unit Construction
  • 18mm Fully Colour Co-ordinated kitchen units to suit all Kitchen Doors
  • Fully Trained Staff available who are available to take your calls & e-mails
  • Factory Fitted Blum Soft Close Hinges & Kessebohmer Storage Solutions
  • Ten years supplying Inframe kitchens online and over 20,000 happy customers!

Helmsley Bespoke We will match to any colour you desire.

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Kitchen style: Bespoke Painted

Solid Timber Frame & Veneered Centre Panel, 20mm Thick, Painted Timber Finish.

Delivered to your home on week commencing 10/01/2022.


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