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Base Units
Single Highline Double Highline All Highline
Single Drawerline Double Drawerline All Drawerline
Multi Drawer
4 Drawer 5 Drawer 5 Drawer (Slimline) All Multi Drawer
Pan Drawer
2 Drawer Pan Drawer 2 Pan Drawer + 1 Drawer 2 Pan Drawer + 2 Drawer Sink Pan Drawer Curved and S Shaped Pan Drawer 2 Pan Drawer + 1 Internal Drawer 1 Pan Drawer + 3 Drawer 1 Drawer Pan Drawer All Pan Drawer
Highline Sink Drawerline Effect Sink Sink (1x Real Working Drawer) Belfast Sink Pull Out Pan Drawer Sink All Sink
Pull Out Storage
Pull Out Wire Basket Pull Out Towel Rail/Tray Space Pull Out Wire Pan Drawer Wicker Basket Pull Out Table/ Ironing Board All Pull Out Storage
Pull Out Waste Bin
Highline Pull Out Waste Bin Drawerline Pull Out Waste Bin All Pull Out Waste Bin
Curved and S Shaped
Curved Internal Curved S Shaped S Shaped Multi Drawer Curved Barrel Multi Drawer All Curved and S Shaped
Slimline (Reduced Depth)
300mm Deep Slimline Highline 300mm Deep Slimline Drawerline Stowaway Midi (Slimline- Increased Height) Multi Drawer (Slimline) 460mm Deep Slimline Highline 460mm Deep Slimline Drawerline All Slimline (Reduced Depth)
Highline Open Drawerline Open Wine Rack End Quadrant All Open
Highline Peninsular Drawerline Peninsular All Peninsular
Reduced Height
Highline Reduced Height Pull Out Pan Drawer (Reduced Height) All Reduced Height
1250mm High
1250mm High Appliance Housing 1250mm High - 300 Deep 1250mm High - 460 Deep 1250mm High - 560 Deep All 1250mm High
Appliance Housing
Oven / Microwave Housing All Appliance Housing
900mm High
300 Deep All 900mm High
All Angled

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Base Units

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