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Browse DIY Kitchens' kitchens, designed and installed in real homes by real people throughout the UK. All ordered online through our website. Read and watch their thoughts and experiences and also take a look at some of the photos they have sent us.

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Silsden Alabaster

Steve & Anna from Telford "Hi, some pictures of the kitchen we designed and installed ourselves as part of a full refurbishment which included wall insulation, bricking up a window, unblocking a chimney recess and a new floor. All work was done by myself except the template and supply of the mirror quartz work surfaces.

The wide range of quality units available allowed us to plan and install the units with a minimum of cutting allowing us to save money on paying for installation. "

Silsden Alabaster

Garry from Aberdeenshire "I honestly cannot put into words how much you have impressed me with your friendly, systemised, and down to earth service. I had serious misgivings about ordering a kitchen online but have been telling everyone about you ever since!

Thank you very much for helping us with our project."

Silsden Alabaster

Scott & Jennie from Witham "Please find attached some photos of our recently completed kitchen that we're delighted with.

We're really happy with the kitchen and super friendly and helpful service. Our fitter was extremely impressed with the quality of the units. He hadn't heard of DIY kitchens, however, was so impressed that he will now recommend them going forward."

Silsden Alabaster

Sue from Devon "I think my kitchen is fabulous, so does everyone who sees it. The quality and price was so much better than any of the quotes we had and the staff were a joy to deal with. I recommend you to everyone."

Silsden Alabaster

Jen from Canterbury "A good quality build and easy to install, we are very, very pleased with our kitchen. The colours are fresh and light, and our chosen design has a traditional look but with a modern feel. "

Bedale Alabaster

Thomas from Leeds "Our completed kitchen."

Silsden Alabaster

Tony from Dorset "Please find attached photographs of my kitchen which has just been finished."

Silsden Alabaster

Roger from Kent "A few photos of kitchen now finished. Really pleased with the end result and quality of your units and service. Thanks. "

Silsden Alabaster

Mike from Shropshire "Here are 3 pictures of our kitchen."

Eden Classic

Susanne and Lucas from Cambridge " In short, we are absolutely delighted with our kitchen. We believe that we could not find a cheaper kitchen of such a very high quality.

We actually enjoyed the process which we went through with DIY Kitchens, which is different from what is offered in retail parks up and down the land.

The DIY Kitchen show-room sits only in South Yorkshire. We found it difficult to complete our project without visiting the show-room twice. This involved 5-hour round-trips for us, but we're very glad we did it. This highlights that managing your "kitchen project" will take some effort. We found it rewarding and enjoyable enough to bother, but it may not be everyone's "cup-of-tea".

We chose a solid wood Eden Classic (vanilla) style, complete with Iroko wooden worktops. There are plenty of other style-choices to be made... built-in appliances (at very competitive prices), sinks, handles, etc. and we loved it all!

Due to the outstanding value on offer, we allowed ourselves the luxury of going for flashy mechanisms in base corner units and some variety to door finishes, such as "braided steel" and "woven glass". This all contributed to our satisfaction with the end result, but it does take a bit of planning, spatial awareness (accurate measuring) and visualisation.

It is important to emphasise that one does need to be very careful about measuring spaces for the units so that things fit into the kitchen area. Our visit to the show-room was a good learning experience in regard to this because otherwise we would not have realised the importance of allowing spaces between units, and making sure things like oven doors can open properly, etc. There are pitfalls to learn about when fitting kitchens - and beware that expensive mistakes are possible.

We were really lucky because we got some fabulous advice and customer service from a nice young man called Oliver, but we are aware that DIY Kitchens may not be able to promise this in all cases. This was why our visits to the show-room were well-and-truly worth it.

We decided to save our budget by removing our old kitchen units and tiles, etc. ourselves. This stretched our DIY skills to the limit, but we got it done - just! A valuable thing which we also got from our show-room visit was to be put in touch with a fantastic pair of kitchen fitters who were familiar with the products. The units are very popular with kitchen fitters because they are delivered ready-assembled, so it saves them a lot of time and fiddling about.

Also note, however, that you need to be prepared to take delivery of bulky, heavy units (solid wooden quality is heavy) when the large lorry arrives with your fantastic new units. Again, it's only fair to highlight that one has to be prepared to project-plan. Another important part of this is to check delivery because we did find one error, although this was rectified quite quickly by customer services.

A word on our kitchen fitters. Mark Mallender and his willing accomplice, Lee did a first class job. They worked really hard to fit our medium-sized kitchen in 3 days. What we really appreciated was the way that they would listen carefully to what we wanted, and really cared about meeting our requirements -even when it made their work more difficult. Lee went to great lengths to deliver a bespoke piece of joinery, and we saw the perfectionist in him. Mark is a very experienced builder and he was calm and highly competent throughout. Nothing fazed him.

In conclusion, we are so pleased with our new kitchen and found it so rewarding to play a more active role in the project, than just accepting an "off-the-shelf" solution, which could easily cost twice the price and have half the quality. "

Eden Classic

Kerri - Midi Pyrenees France "Overall I love my kitchen - is very functional - easy to work in - socalise in and keep tidy. It is very unique and looks expensive although cost a lot less then what I had seen quoted for similar sized ones."

Eden Classic

M Davies - Wolverhampton "Your service was excellent. All the samples arrived very quickly. We were given advice over the phone when we were ready to order. The whole process was efficient and the delivery arrived as arranged.Our order was large and we did have a couple of problems- one of our work tops didn't arrive, and the cabinet door of the dresser was damaged.The work top was sent promptly, although not with a two-man team which we'd previously had. Instead the driver was unable to carry it in and he had to return when our kitchen fitters were here.The damaged door was replaced by you without query which we appreciated as we hadn't noticed it until we opened it just prior to fitting, several weeks after the delivery.We were having a lot of building work done and had nowhere to open and check everything within your specified time, and had only been able to tick off the items and check superficially.When we needed additional parts, they were always sent promptly.You also refunded all the unused items we returned at the end. All in all, we thought it a really good service."

Showing 1 to 12 of 12 reviews
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